8 Ways To Increase YouTube Views And Retain Your Audience

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Everyone uploading video really wants to increase YouTube views. More views, more audience, more visibility, more opportunities to monetize. While views are still important, YouTube is needs to give much more importance to audience retention. This means that minutes watched is as important, and in the near future, maybe a lot more important than views. Regardless of what's more important, views or retention, the end result is we want visitors to watch our stuff for the longest period of time possible. We increase YouTube views by producing great video content, link building and optimization. Each one of those points requires strategy, planning and goal setting techniques. Right now we'll see 8 ways I would recommend to increase YouTube views.

How exactly to Increase YouTube Views

Engage off the bat
YouTube Analytics Engagement Reports
AdWords Keyword Tool
Twitter stalk influencers
Link build from the bottom up
Produce video from your own awesome posts
On page video SEO
Content circles
Engage off the bat

The first 15 seconds of a video is vital. Best website to buy YouTube views is where the most the audience abandons watching a video. So we must pay particular attention to those first seconds in our pre production planning to increase YouTube views and decrease abandonment. Whether you produce video blogs, sketches, tutorials, whatever it is, make those first seconds "pop". How to engage? That's a whole blog post unto itself but here's certainly are a handful of ideas. Catchy music that's energetic and vibrant, much like television news casts. Stating what the viewer will learn, experience, feel, etc. by the finish of the video, this is very similar to the heading of a post, if it doesn't describe good results, it's not more likely to retain.

YouTube Analytics Engagement Reports

YouTube Analytics is chock filled with great information about you channel. The problem is that if you're fresh onto YouTube, there will not be much data to interpret. For now, let's assume you have some data. The Engagement Reports section of YouTube Analytics offers you a peek in to the psyche of your audience. Every section: subscribers, likes and dislikes, favorites, comments and sharing gives you a top 10 list. To increase YouTube views with engagement reports all you need to do is produce more of what's listed in your top 10 lists. These top 10 10 let you know what your audience likes. For instance, favoriting and sharing a video requires much more effort on behalf of an individual, it involves a couple of more clicks when compared to a like, and in my opinion, it's a much more valuable indicator of your audiences taste's and preferences. So produce more of these top 10's, give them more of what they like and increase YouTube views.