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Beer Pong is a game that is often watched on TV recently. It evolved from a unified game to a global party game and was featured in shows such as the Jay Leno show. Hope this review gives you the idea of ​​Beapon.
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What is Beer Pong?
Beer Pong is a drinking game where a player throws a ping-pong ball at the table and tries to throw it into a beer mug on the other side of the table. The game is usually played by two players or two teams of two players. There are no official rules. The goal of the game is to put as many balls into the cup as possible. As soon as all cups are full, the opposing team is eliminated. The losing team must drink all the beer glasses from the winning team.
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Where did you see Biapon?
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You may have seen Biapon in Jayleno. It is popular all over the world and can also be seen at global competitions such as the World Series of Beer Pong. Most popular in North American universities.
Do I have a pom beer?
Would you like to play? Do you always like parties and want to have fun? This is a great game to celebrate, celebrate and play with friends. It is a drinking game, so please play it moderately. Most kids like to play and are great for brothers and college games.
Where can I buy a beer table?
It is difficult to find beer tables in regular stores. However, there is a huge selection of online stores that sell table tennis tables. Refer to the links below for one of the cheapest online stores found. Ideal for students on a limited budget.
Well, I hope this review has given you more information about the world of pom beer. Do not forget to drink moderately. This game is fun. If you like my beer pong as seen on TV, click the link below to see the deals on beer pong tables and other similar games.