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Among the list of brightest childhood memories! This masterpiece of animation isn't a sin to look at as an adult. movies reviews I watched animated Balto (1995) movie on #link# free online.

The speech inside cartoon is about the half-half - the half-wolf Bolto (it is Bolto, this is why the main sounds, this can be the name from my childhood, I do think you'll forgive me for this liberty). They're despised by other dogs inside the settlement, people that terrifies them him. And hubby is additionally crazy about the husky Jen brilliant rival to the lady's heart is definitely the nasty cocky dog ​​Steele.

Once, in this particular settlement, the village of Noun, an epidemic of diphtheria begins, a female, Jena's mistress, falls ill. Your pet team, led by Steele, who has been carrying the medicine, got lost in the mountains due to a terrible blizzard. Now Bolto should have a team, return the medicine, since the mistress of his lady of the heart was in danger.

The cartoon teaches kindness and heroism. The point that if you are not like everyone else, for many people that you're worse, you simply need to show what you really are capable of. Bolto is helped by his friends, the Russian goose Boris, funny bears Mack and Lak. The characters of all the characters are very well conveyed, in the viewing you empathize while using characters. The cartoon may also have the people cry. There's also a top notch, kind humor. movies reviews Heroes will make you smile. Simultaneously, the action in general doesn't lose its seriousness. The photo is loaded with details, but the action doesn't spread over the entire timeline, and enter and animation are a purchase order of magnitude higher than that of modern cartoons! No newfangled 3D will convey such sensations and make you so empathic.

The music at this point is just wonderful! The composers did their best. For my family, these tense, lyrical, calm, epic themes will likely be remembered for a lifetime.

The cartoon really teaches good things. They have a soul, unlike current animated films. Now these cartoons are not made, the pity. Any Shreks and the like don't hold a candle to this work from Dreamworks.

Nostalgia. Childhood film. Masterpiece!

Of course:

10 of 10

P.S. It's a shame that it painting doesn't have the awards it undoubtedly deserves.