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The brakes are one of the most important features of any vehicle. If they aren't working properly, they put the drive, people in the vehicle and others on the road at risk. To ensure that the brakes are working properly and can help a vehicle stop safely, brake repair may be needed from time to time. The question is - when is it time to find a brake and service company for repairs? This is a good question and some of the signs it's time to invest in this type of car service can be found here.

Squealing or Squeaking Sounds

One of the first indications it is time to seek brake services is if there is consistent squealing or squeaking when the brakes are pressed. While squeaky brakes are sometimes normal (like when it is raining). However, if the brakes remain squeaky when it is dry out, this indicates an issue. It is time to have the brakes checked out by the professionals.

The Indicator Lights are On

Another indication it is time to invest in new brakes is if the indicator light in the dash comes on. In some of the different models of vehicles, there is a sensor on the brake pad that will actually trigger the light to come on if they become worn. If this light comes on, it's a good idea to have a professional check it out and make a recommendation regarding when they need to be replaced.

Metal Grinding

If there is a deep grinding sound of metal when the brakes are pressed, then it means that it is past time to have the brakes replaced. There are car brake service that have small metal ridges that will make a loud noise when they become worn down. brake pad replacement let this issue persist, as it is only going to keep getting worse and putting the vehicle and driver at risk. Don't let this happen by having the brake pads replaced in a timely manner by the professionals.

Being informed and knowing when new brakes are needed is a must. auto service and information here is a great place to begin. Don't ignore these tips. The fact is, if the brakes on a vehicle don't work, they are only going to put the driver and other drivers on the road at risk of being in an accident. Being informed and contacting Lex Brodie's tire for help is the best way to ensure the best services are found and used.