We meet again Mr Angielski

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Almost seven years after the release of the first part of "Johnny English", when most viewers already thought that this was a one-off design for Atkinsonowi incarnation of the character other than the legendary Mr. Bean, the character BBC series Blackadder, the screen went continuation of the most adventurous clumsier special services agent in the history of Great Britain. Our hero has changed a lot since I saved England from the conspiracy through which he had to sit on the throne of Pascal Sauvage. Attributed to him then knighted Johnny lost after the failure of the mission in Mozambique, which discredited him as an agent and left permanent damage to his psyche. To rebuild mentally and physically, Angielski quit his job in MI7 and went to the Shaolin Temple in Tibet and that's where begins the film "Johnny Angielski Reloaded." Training so that Angielski could successfully return to the old duties were interrupted, as England faced the task which could take only he and assigned him to help Agent Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya). Epic Movie News The sequel to the 2003 differs significantly from the original. Johnny Angielski is not so clumsy and goofy, closer to him rather than to the James Bond Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the "Pink Panther", in addition mastered martial arts and although it is far from Bruce Lee, you see the screen straight from the spectacular scene karate movies, of course, in a purely comedic style of Mr. Bean. Fans of the first part, however, do not have to worry about, because in "Reloaded," there is no shortage of humor characteristic of Rowan Atkinson. On the screen we will see, among others, daring fight scene with itself, that made the entire cinema hall filled with laughter.

Apart from purely humorous slapstickowym Oliver Parker's film contains elements of parody. Creators laugh mainly of a series of films about the 007, but more attentive viewer will notice even references to the cult "Lethal Weapon" series and "Lie to Me". After the new film makers creators of "Girls of St. Trinian's" and "Dorian Gray" should not be expected to work especially sophisticated, it is a light, silly, and often predictable, but very enjoyable comedy that is sure to enhance the viewer mood after a hard day.

"Johnny Angielski. Reloaded" is one of the movies that much better watching in the company and point out that it can also be the company of children, because violence in the film is true to occur, but it is more fun than brutal, but instead broadly defined eroticism of a fast heart rate of male viewers will ensure a truly view of an engine bondowskiego Rolls-Royce V16, which moves this film. .