What Accessories Do Radiologists Rely On

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A radiologist is a doctor who specializes in using x-rays and other types of diagnostic imaging to diagnose a wide range of injuries or illnesses. Radiologists and radiology technicians use complex imaging machines in their daily work, and they rely on certain equipment and accessories to perform their jobs. The following are some of the most useful radiology accessories.

Xray Markers

These markers are also known as anatomical side markers, and they serve to distinguish the left side from the right side of the patient's body on an x-ray. They usually consist of a letter L for "left" and a letter "R" for right and both include the radiologist's initials, making it easy to resolve any confusion. Markers are often made of lead because x-rays don't pass through that material, which makes the letters visible on the x-ray.

Safety Glasses

Another important accessory for radiologists is a pair of leaded glasses to protect their eyes. Even low doses of radiation can potentially damage the iris, sclera, or conjunctiva of the eyes. Furthermore, damage can accumulate over time. The lead used to make safety glasses protects the eyes from even small amounts of radiation by blocking that light. Many radiologists purchase safety glasses with their vision correction prescription so that they don't have to take the glasses on and off throughout the day.

X-Ray Filters

Filters play an important role in patients' safety by blocking a portion of the radiation and decreasing the intensity of certain wavelengths that are not necessary for creating the image. Without custom made x ray markers in place, the patients' soft tissue would absorb too much radiation, putting them at risk for cancer or other complications of radiation exposure. There are x ray machine made for different types of x-rays. For example, there are special filters for shoulder x-rays, full leg x-rays, and x-rays for scoliosis.

personalized lead xray markers Aids

Another type of accessory that radiologists depend on is positioning aids. These are foam wedges that are made to help patients get in the correct position and remain immobile for the duration of the imaging. Radiologists look for positioning aids that are durable but also comfortable for patients to use since many patients who are getting some kind of imaging test are already in pain from an injury.

These are just a few of the accessories that radiologists and radiology technicians rely on every day. Some other useful equipment includes special chairs or tables for imaging, cleaning solutions and tools, calipers, and rulers.