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Biometics and Youngevity are two companies that sell air purifiers. They both have a common core philosophy: clean the air you breathe. So, what is it about Biometics that sets them apart from the rest?

Well, first of all, they are both well known in the industry for making a good quality air purifier. Each has a loyal following of satisfied customers. Both have some very unique designs to offer. Both offer a line of environmentally friendly products that are great for those who don't want to compromise quality.

Remember when Biometics - A New Advancement in Wireless Micro Devices were growing up, if something wasn't as it should be then we look to our parents. " Youngevity Biometics had one of those and it worked great." Well, if your parents have an air purifier that works, then it probably does work. So if you don't have one, you may want to take the time to do a little research to find out what other people have had luck with. That way you will know which one to get.

The technology behind air filters is amazing and has been around for many years, but the core technology to both Biometics and Youngevity air purifiers is the same. It is the principle of ionizing the air to kill off airborne pathogens is what makes both of them different.

With the release of the Bionic One, one of the very first ionized air purifiers, Biometics set out to offer a step up to their competitors and come out with the Bionic Five, a model that offered additional features. They even made the DuraAir, a line of ionizer purifiers for homes and commercial settings.

Youngevity, on the other hand, uses pulsed light (PV) ionization technology. This offers the same benefits as other ionizers, but with less irritation to the eyes. It does however, provide some drawbacks. Like what Biometics has had to work through, the Pulsed Light system tends to leave green streaks on the filter.

Information on Biometics and Features is also more focused on the heavy duty air filters and you can purchase them for your home. While Biometics focuses on light filtering air purifiers that are used in residential settings.

Now I know what you are thinking, why would you buy the same product you bought before and it is still working for you? Well, both Biometics and Youngevity are basically the same company; the new models just changed the name.